Do I Replace My Lineset When Replacing My HVAC/AC?

09.22.2021 | Product

Replacing Your HVAC/AC Unit & Lineset

Over the years, many customers and residents will end up buying or replacing their existing HVAC/AC unit with a new model system. In many cases customers end up seeing a line-item charge for a new lineset. Inaba Denko America will review why residents end up paying for a new lineset.

Why Replace Your Lineset When Replacing AC/HVAC?

Linesets for HVAC/AC units are copper piping that is used to carry refrigerant from the outside condenser to the evaporator coil inside and repeats this process in a loop-cycle. Therefore, linesets are necessary and important for mini-split HVAC/AC unit systems to operate. Newer HVAC/Air Conditioner units requite R-410 refrigerant, while older units use R-22 refrigerant. R-22 refrigerant is currently being phased-out by the EPA because it contains chlorine which can contribute to ozone depletion during a leak. Due to this, those who are replacing an old HVAC unit will need a new lineset to carry the R-410 refrigerant.

R-22 or R-410 Refrigerant?

The differences among these refrigerants do not stop at the use of chlorine, the refrigerants also contain different oils which do not mix well with each other. For example, R-22 contains a mineral oil which does not mix with POE oil, which is within R-410 refrigerant for modern HVAC units. When an R-410 refrigerant is used through a lineset that carried R-22 at one point, this can cause damage to the entire system and minimize the life span of the outdoor compressor. Therefore, using a new lineset prevents the chance of oils being mixed. While old linesets that carried R-22 can be flushed, evidence has shown that flushing an R-22 lineset for HVAC systems does not remove all the oil remanence, which can cause system failures in the future. This means that a brand new lineset is the most recommended approach when installing a brand-new HVAC system, replacing an old one.

Inaba Denko Linesets

Inaba Denko carries linesets which can utilize R-410A or R-22 refrigerant, though we recommend replacing the lineset if your replaced unit was using a different refrigerant. Our industrial-grade insulation around the copper piping is water-resistant and reflects solar heat. The Inaba Denko Paircoil linesets are made of polyethylene and do not absorb moisture, or premature dis
integrate from UV light, freeze/thaw cycles and can handle pressures up to 600 psi. Our linesets are offered in a variety of sizes and lengths to ensure proper connection to your AC/HVAC units.

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