Can Mini-split Systems be Installed on Interior Walls?

07.05.2022 | News, Product

mini-split interior wall installation solution

Can Mini-split Systems be Installed on Interior Walls?

Can mini-split systems be installed on interior walls? Yes, the indoor units in a mini-split system can be mounted on an interior wall of the house. However, a mini-split system on an interior wall is more involved and more difficult than mounting it on the exterior wall of your house. With that in mind, mini-split systems can certainly be installed on interior walls in most circumstances, giving each area regulated climate control at your convenience.

Two things to consider.

The two things you have to consider when mounting your mini-split indoor units on an interior wall are aesthetics and cost. It takes a few more steps versus the common way which is having it mounted on an exterior wall. Additional work and materials will, of course, translate to more labor and material expenses. Because the line-sets might have to pass via an attic or crawl space the total cost elevates. Remember that the more units you wish to install, the more expensive the cost of installation.

Concealing the Line-set with Slimduct SD.

mini-split system interior wall installation solution

The best way to conceal the small run of line-set needed for an interior wall-mounted unit is by concealing them Slimduct SD from Inaba Denko America. Our SP-77 Soffit Inlet and SWC-77 Flange are specifically designed for vertical ceiling or floor access. You can incorporate the design of the lineset covers with your interiors by choosing colors that compliment the interior design of your home or painting them to match the interior walls.


* Aesthetically pleasing with the line-set out of sight.

* Increased number of locations to install the AC unit.

* Each area can have regulated climate control at your convenience

Precautions when installing mini-split systems on interior walls.

Possible Disadvantages:

* Expensive. There is a possibility that the cost of the initial installation as well as replacement installations could be higher than average. When replacing the pipes, the pipes are stripped from the wall, and wallpaper may need to be redone afterward.
* Possible increase in issues. It may prove difficult to take actions required to solve issues. When there is a problem with the lineset, the unit will cease to function, clearly indicating there is something wrong. However, since issues with leaky drain pipes or condensation are not easily identified from the surface, significant damage could occur before being discovered. Pests and insects could also contribute to the damage.
* Future air conditioning units may be incompatible. The necessary air conditioning output and pipe sizes change depending on the size of the room where the unit is located. Each air conditioner manufacturer also uses different pipe sizes, which should also be taken into account.

Generally speaking, underground (hidden) line-sets often sustain poorer conditions (in terms of temperature, moisture, and ventilation) then typically exposed piping and requires extra caution to fend off condensation. Please make sure to have an experienced contractor perform the installation. Although the installation may be costly, the convenience and comfort will save you money on power bills in the long run.

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