Mid-Season Maintenance, do you need it?

08.29.2022 | Company, News, Product

mid-season maintenance

Mid-season maintenance, do you need it? Air conditioning problems always seem to occur at the most inconvenient time. Often, it is during an extremely warm and humid day that the AC system is pushed beyond its capabilities. Having a properly working air conditioner is important for your comfort and health, and it is easily handled with regular AC maintenance service.

mid season service

So, there are a few things that indicate you should schedule a mid-season maintenance call.

  1. The air blowing out the vents isn’t as cold as before.
  2. Your AC thermostat isn’t operating correctly.
  3. Weak air flow blowing through vents.
  4. You have uneven cooling throughout your home.
  5. Strange odors coming through the vents
  6. The AC unit seems to be louder than it used to be.
  7. Not enough humidity is being removed by the AC
  8. Freon or water leaks around the air conditioning unit.
  9. Your energy bills have gone up significantly

The older the system, the more it's likely to malfunction and lose efficiency. Air conditioning systems over eight years old are much less efficient than the new energy-efficient ones available today. Additionally, suppose your equipment is more than 14 years old. In that case, you will probably invest more money over time to keep it running than if you just invested in a new, energy-efficient Air Conditioning System. But, until that time comes, you can avoid costly AC repair service by identifying the small issues early before they become big problems.

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