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Inaba Denko America supplies HVAC refrigeration accessories engineered by Inaba Denko of Japan and provides support for distributors and contractors throughout North America. Our HVAC refrigeration supplies and accessories provide contractors with solutions that make mini-split heat pump installations efficient and secure. Our many products include insulated copper linesets, mini split lineset covers, hides, and drain hoses for mini split HVAC systems. These products are versatile and many can also be used for standard or unitary systems.


The Difference Between Inline Check Valves and Condensation Traps

06.10.2024 | News, Product

Condensation traps are commonly required for heat pumps, straight cooling systems, and even high-efficiency condensing gas furnaces.  Some manufacturers even include them to ensure a trap is installed. Due to the scope of the installation, things work a bit differently when it comes to ductless mini-split installations. However, traps are still a requirement. The 2015 […]

Overcoming VRF/VRV System Challenges with Slimduct RD & PD

05.29.2024 | News, Product

Overcoming VRF/VRV System Challenges with Slimduct RD & PD A government building in Westerville, Ohio, constructed in 1983, needed a complete redesign and renovation in the cooling and heating area, including an efficient commercial line set cover. With the requirements for energy efficiency and precise zone control under consideration, the design engineers determined that the […]

The Importance of Location for a Mini Split Installation

05.22.2024 | News, Product

Considering the indoor and outdoor possibilities when deciding the location of a mini split installation ensures the system functions effectively. Choosing a proper location will optimize the system’s performance. Indoor and outdoor factors such as building structure, trees, weather, pets, pests, and environmental conditions are important to consider. Coastal areas, for example, need to meet […]