Inaba Denko America supplies HVAC accessories engineered by Inaba Denko of Japan and
provides support for distributors and contractors throughout North America.
Our HVAC supplies and accessories consist of insulated linesets, lineset covers, hides, and drain hoses for mini split HVAC/ACs.

No.1 Market Share in Japan / Ductless AC Expertise / Long Term Partnership / Global Network and Support


Mini Split HVAC Air Conditioner Advantages

10.14.2021 | Product

Inaba Denko specializes in mini split HVAC accessories, such as line sets, lineset cover hides, drain hoses and more. Our knowledge and expertise with mini-split HVAC systems & accessories is now being shared with everyone. With technologies always advancing, how can we be sure that mini split HVAC air conditioner units are the most effective […]

Understanding Mini Split HVAC Systems

09.29.2021 | Product

Over the centuries humans have continually developed new technologies to ensure the heating & cooling of their homes, offices, and enclosed spaces. In today’s era, mini-split HVAC systems are one of the most efficient ways to cool & heat your home, or enclosed spaces. What is a Mini Split HVAC System? Ductless mini-split HVAC systems […]

Do I Replace My Lineset When Replacing My HVAC/AC?

09.22.2021 | Product

Replacing Your HVAC/AC Unit & Lineset Over the years, many customers and residents will end up buying or replacing their existing HVAC/AC unit with a new model system. In many cases customers end up seeing a line-item charge for a new lineset. Inaba Denko America will review why residents end up paying for a new […]