Inaba Denko America supplies HVAC accessories engineered by Inaba Denko of Japan and
provides support for distributors and contractors throughout North America.
Our HVAC supplies and accessories consist of insulated linesets, lineset covers, hides, and drain hoses for mini split HVAC/ACs.

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What Is a Lineset Cover?

09.15.2021 | News

What is a Lineset? First, let’s define what is a lineset. A lineset is used to describe copper piping which carries HVAC/AC refrigerant from the systems condenser outside, to the evaporator coil inside, and continues that loop in a repetitive cycle. The copper piping in a lineset consists of two pipes; a smaller line which […]

Line Hides & Line Set Covers: Is There a Difference?

08.23.2021 | Product

What is a Line Hide? A line hide for mini split HVAC systems is a product designed to protect and conceal the copper line set, and control-wiring of the mini split system. What is a Line Set Cover? A line set cover is also a product intended to protect and conceal HVAC line sets. A […]

When Do You Need a New HVAC Line Set?

08.18.2021 | Product

Line Sets for HVAC System & Manufacturers Specifications If you are thinking about replacing an existing HVAC unit of many years, and is considering using your old line set, it is important to take a few things into account. First of all, take note of the manufacturer specifications of your HVAC system. If you are […]