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Slimduct PD – Commercial Lineset Cover System

01.11.2021 | News, Product

Commercial HVAC installation comes with many challenges. Protecting mounted linesets shouldn’t be one of them. However, some protective options currently available such as jacketing, are still making installers work extra hard to find the right lineset configuration and prevent damages. With¬†that in mind, Inaba Denko Japan developed the Slimduct PD. Slimduct PD commercial linseset cover, […]

VRF System and the North American Market

11.30.2020 | Uncategorized

The Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) was created in Japan in the early 80s. VRF is an HVAC technology that allows for varying degrees of cooling in only certain areas. Even though VRF systems are similar to multi-split systems, they do have one key difference. For instance, multi-split systems turn on and off completely when achieving […]

The importance of a pipe support system for vertical lineset installation

11.10.2020 | Product

Vertical lineset installation comes with some challenges. Every professional knows the importance of keeping thing aligned. From building a wall to making a chair it’s important to make sure everything lines-up, for instance. The same concept applies to pipes. Therefore, when we talk about pipes, making sure they are all straight, supported and aligned is […]