VRF System

The Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF system) was created in Japan in the early 80s. VRF is an HVAC technology that allows for varying degrees of cooling in only certain areas. Even though VRF systems are similar to multi-split systems, they do have one key difference. For instance, multi-split systems turn on and off completely when […]

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Vertical Lineset

Vertical lineset installation comes with some challenges. Every professional knows the importance of keeping things aligned. From building a wall to making a chair it’s important to make sure everything lines-up. The same concept applies to pipes. When we talk about pipes, making sure they are all straight, supported and aligned is a big deal. […]

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Mini-Split Systems

11.04.2020 | News

mini-split system interior wall installation solution

Did you know that Japan was the birthplace of mini-split systems? The large size of traditional ducted central split system was unpractical for many households. Considering the small size of modern Japanese homes, there was a need for a more compact solution. This need resulted in the creation of a mini-split system. But how exactly […]

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Paircoil Lineset

Inaba Denko’s Paircoil is a pre-insulated, paired lineset, engineered for mini-split systems. Since its creation in 1975, this product has sold over 2.4 billion feet worldwide. Why is Paircoil so popular? For instance, it saves time and labor during mini-splits installs and retrofits. Made of malleable copper tubing and pre-insulated, the lineset easily shapes to […]

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