The importance of a pipe support system for vertical lineset installation

11.10.2020 | Product

Vertical Lineset

Vertical lineset installation comes with some challenges. Every professional knows the importance of keeping things aligned. From building a wall to making a chair it's important to make sure everything lines-up. The same concept applies to pipes. When we talk about pipes, making sure they are all straight, supported and aligned is a big deal.

Vertical installations are always subject to severe stress. First, we all know that gravity is a destructive force vertical supports should fight. Second, thermal expansion is also a concern. The thermal expansion of piping or materials of various composition expand and contract with a change in temperature. All this will result in buckling and deformation of the fittings at the lower end of each pipe run.

Knowing about all these issues, Inaba Denko's R&D team created TK Lineset Support. Here are some key benefits:

Reduced gravity load on vertical lineset.
TK LinesetbSupport is brazed onto the vertical lineset riser, reducing the weight load of the lineset system.

Less stress on vertical lineset due to thermal expansion by 50%.
In conventional installations, the lowest elbow of the vertical system carries the full load of the lineset itself. Additionally, it also has extra stresses imposed by thermal expansion.  On the other hand, the TK Lineset Support is installed onto the midpoint of the vertical rise. Thus reducing the load created by the system components.  Another benefit is the reduction of thermal expansion.

Compatible with all lineset sizes.
Full range covers all sizes from 1/4" to 2-1/4". Precision engineered high grade copper ferrules are fully compatible with all lineset sizes

Whether you want to boost or protect the performance of your piping system, vertical supports are crucial. Good thing TK Lineset Support is here for the rescue.

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