Slimduct PD – Commercial Lineset Cover System

01.11.2021 | News, Product

Slimduct PD lineset cover

Commercial HVAC installation comes with many challenges. Protecting mounted linesets shouldn't be one of them. However, some protective options currently available such as jacketing, are still making installers work extra hard to find the right lineset configuration and prevent damages. With that in mind, Inaba Denko Japan developed the Slimduct PD.

Slimduct PD commercial linseset cover, protects any surface mounted lineset installation.  It also can be used  as lineset cover between condenser and Slimduct RD system. Constructed with heavy duty PVC, the lineset  is UV, weather, and deformation resistant.

Have you ever been faced with such complicated configuration, that you were not even sure where to begin? Well, Slimduct PD innovative design can help you. For instance, Slimduct PD can elevate lineset from wall, ceiling or deck surface. Moreover, all the straight ducts and fittings disassemble for ease of installation, and mount with standard wall mounted pipe brackets.

Slimduct PD is available  in three different sizes to provide maximum strength and accommodate larger linesets. As an added bonus, the system has a very elegant and compact design.