Prevent HVAC System Leaks

03.22.2021 | News, Product

Old Style Cassette HVAC installation

When installing a light commercial AC unit, preventing leaks on cassette HVAC units is always a concern.  Another common issue is having enough room to install a proper drain-up piping. However the traditional slope piping is not only time consuming but it can cause a number of issues such as risks of water leakage, dew condensation and cracks.

AC professionals are always making sure that something like this won't happen to their installation. Going over the additional installation procedures for a sloped drain-up pipe is very time consuming. Everybody knows that indeed,  time is money.

In order to greatly reduce install time, Inaba Denko created DSH-UP a drain-up hose kit for indoor AC units. 

DSH-UP drain-up hose kit makes it easy to install drain-up piping on indoor commercial AC systems. It eliminates piecing together PVC with multiple adhesive connections, and the risk of water leakage from cement failure. DSH-UP features a flexible insulated drain hose with pre-connected hose fittings that quickly connect to PVC pipes with just a hose band, reducing installation time and the risk of condensation. Featuring transparent fittings, the connection to PVC pipes are visible, ensuring a secure fit. DSH-Up is recommended for commercial HVAC units, ceiling cassette, ducted concealed, and more.

Leave the old school installation with PVC pipe in the past and prevent leaks on cassette HVAC units install. Innovate with DSH-UP.

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