Commercial And Residential HVAC Accessories

04.29.2021 | Product

Inaba Denko HVAC accessories

Inaba Denko, has been been leading the development of innovative HVAC accessories for over four decades. Based in Japan, Inaba Denko has opened operations in the US to serve distributors and installers locally. Featuring products such as lineset, lineset cover, in addition to other solutions that make mini-split and VRV/VRF installations efficient and secure.

One of our commercial products, is the Slimduct RD. This sturdy commercial linseset cover, provides an aesthetic and professional finish to any exposed rooftop lineset layout. Coated with an anti-corrosive, scratch-resistant material,  it guarantees a more durable and lighter-weight alternative to galvanized steel.

Slimduct SD residential lineset cover is constructed from high-grade PVC to conceal wall-mounted linesets for residential units. This product is available in 5 different colors and in different shapes and sizes to fit any installation.

Next time you get ready to install a ductless system, make sure to check Inaba Denko's innovative solutions.

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