Line Hides & Line Set Covers: Is There a Difference?

08.23.2021 | Product

What are Line Hides?

A line hide for mini split HVAC systems is a product designed to protect and conceal the copper line set, and control-wiring of the mini split system.

What is a Line Set Cover?

A line set cover is also a product intended to protect and conceal HVAC line sets. A line set cover is simply another way to describe a line hide! Both can be used interchangeably, as they are referring to the same type of products which are designed to conceal & protect line sets and control-wiring of residential mini split systems from outdoor weather, or other potentially damaging contact elements.

Inaba Denko’s Line Hides & Line Sets Cover Systems:

Inaba Denko Line Hide systems for linesets offer an unlimited combination of modules. Our Slimduct SD line set hide cover is constructed using the highest-quality PVC to help protect and conceal any wall-mounted linesets. Inaba Denko also carries lineset cover systems for commercial use, such as the Slimduct RD lineset series. The commercial Slimduct RD lineset series uses galvanized steel, which is designed for multiple lineset ducting.

Slimduct SD Straight Duct Line Set Cover System:

Our most popular line set cover, or line set hide system is the Slimduct SD line set cover system. This line set hide is offered in several different sizes, ranging from 2-3/8” to 5-5/8” with the SD-140 product. The Slimduct SD line set is also offered in several different colors; White, Ivory, Gray, Brown, and Black making it easier to choose the perfect cover to conceal the line set on the exterior of a residential home. The Slimduct SD is UV stabilized, and flame retardant PVC with a graded weather resistance of JIS D 0205, with a SWOM test conducted over 2,000 hours making our product one of the highest-quality systems available.

Line Set Hide for Residential HVAC Systems

Our Slimduct SD line set system & line set hide is perfect protection for residential mini split HVAC systems as it’s designed to prevent any environmental damages to the mini split line set, such as weather. The line set covers offer a secondary benefit, which is simply to conceal the line sets and drain lines, which can be visually obstructive to the exterior of a residential home. The Line set cover system offers multiple module parts as well, allowing for easier installation in the case of obstacles or a vertical multiple run line set installation.

For more information about Inaba Denko’s line hides & line set covers, contact us today!

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