What is a Lineset?

08.16.2021 | Product

Ductless Mini split lineset

HVAC linesets connect a HVAC condenser to an evaporator. In mini-split systems, the lineset connects indoor & outdoor units together. In this case, the outdoor unit condenser supplies the indoor evaporator with refrigerant. The lines slightly differ in size, where the smaller tube, called the discharge line, will carry dense liquid refrigerant into the evaporator to absorb heat. The larger tube is called the Suction Line, which is used to carry gaseous refrigerant back to the condenser where the heat can be rejected.

The Refrigerant and gaseous vapor in the lines is recirculated continually, providing either heating or cooling depending on the flow direction. If your system might include a heat pump, the flow would be reversed to provide heating.

Residential Single-Zone or Multi-Zone

Residential applications with one indoor unit may only need to purchase one lineset, whereas multi-zone systems for much larger homes might include multiple indoor units and a lineset per unit is required. With some multi-zone systems might require a branch box placed between the outdoor and indoor units and will also need its own lineset connecting to the outdoor unit. Inaba Denko carries a variety of different lineset diameter sizes, ensuring that our products will fit onto any unit.

Lineset Sizing

Pre-Paired Lineset

Inaba Denko manufactures Paircoil, a paired copper insulated linesets available in various sizes. This labor-saving product allows for a single-run installation of both lines

Please check your installation guide for proper sizing requirements for your HVAC system. In general, HVAC systems with greater BTUs will require a larger diameter lineset.

Lineset Distances

When you’re planning the placement locations of your indoor and outdoor units, determining the maximum lineset length is critical. Be sure to account for factors such as corners, bends, rises and thickness of the wall. Paircoil is easy to install and comes with length markings for fast, accurate measuring & cutting.

Lineset Quality

Inaba Denko’s Paircoil linesets are constructed of high-quality insulated copper tubes. Made of fire-retardant industrial grade, cross-polyethylene insulation it protects linesets from outdoor weather conditions. At ½” of insulation thickness, Paircoil meets IMC & IRC codes, making this the ideal choice for your next installation.

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