When Do You Need a New HVAC Line Set?

08.18.2021 | Product

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Line Sets for HVAC System & Manufacturers Specifications

If you are thinking about replacing an existing HVAC unit of many years, and is considering using your old line set, it is important to take a few things into account. First of all, take note of the manufacturer specifications of your HVAC system. If you are using your old line set to install onto a new HVAC system, you will want to ensure that the line set meets the specifications listed by the HVAC manufacturer. Also, make sure the lineset is compatible with refrigerant R-410, currently used on most new equipments.

When Shouldn’t I Replace My HVAC Lineset?

  • The current line set meets the HVAC systems size specifications
  • The vertical distance of the line set does not exceed the manufacturer’s limit.
  • Your line is not leaking refrigerant or damaged.
  • If your line set runs through walls, under slab, or in difficult-to-access areas replacement could be costly.

While most HVAC line sets will perform efficiently for longer than the lifespan of your HVAC unit, it is important to consider the points below:

When is an HVAC Lineset Replacement needed?

  • When the line is kinked, damaged, or is leaking refrigerant, you will want to get a replacement.
  • The line set is easy to access and would not be expensive to replace. Usually these cases are with short-run line sets at the ground-level.
  • If your current HVAC system is in the attic or crawl space, you may want to ensure that the line set vertical distance is not exceeded.
  • In some cases, older units with a R-22 line set system use a small line set which is not compatible with newer HVAC equipment. This is not the case for every R-22 line set system, so you will want to check out the specifications of your system.

Clean Reusable Line Sets Prior to HVAC Installation

If you are reusing an old HVAC lineset on a new HVAC system install, it is important to note that you will want to clean the line before installing it into the new unit. Cleaning these line sets is done with a golden-standard procedure by HVAC installers called ‘triple evacuation procedure’. This cleaning is done to remove any particles or contaminants in the line set by using a vacuum pump and dry nitrogen at 1,500 microns to remove moisture from the line set system. The nitrogen absorbs moisture and particles such as ice that might be tripped in the system.

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