Understanding Mini Split HVAC Systems

09.29.2021 | Product

Over the centuries humans have continually developed new technologies to ensure the heating & cooling of their homes, offices, and enclosed spaces. In today’s era, mini-split HVAC systems are one of the most efficient ways to cool & heat your home, or enclosed spaces.

What is a Mini Split HVAC System?

Ductless mini-split HVAC systems are an efficient and effective alternative to the traditional Central Air Conditioning & Furnace systems for heating and cooling a home, office, or enclosed space.

What are the Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Systems?

Built-in Zones & Individual Zone Controls with Mini-Splits
Mini-Split systems have the advantage of utilizing multiple indoor mini-split systems to cool several parts of a home. Additionally, you can have multiple mini-split HVAC systems running in a home, while others are turned off, or one can be heating while another is cooling. This advantage is great for larger homes, and homes that have multiple people living in an area, who have different desirable levels of comfort. This efficiency also helps to cut your heating & cooling bill; for example, if the most-used rooms are cooled or heated, you can turn off other rooms or sections of the home.
Ductless Mini-Split Systems Reduces Installation & Labor Costs
Ductless Mini-Split HVAC Systems have an additional benefit of being ductless, meaning that you do not need ductwork flowing through your walls, ceilings, or in between your insulation. This benefit is exceptional for slab homes which lack efficient ductwork and may not have the ability to heat/cool certain rooms. This is where ductless systems would become a great option to maintain the temperature comfort level of the home.
Mini-Splits offer higher Efficiency
Mini-Split HVAC technologies are one of the newest, meaning that these units leverage a technology called ‘inverter’ technology, which converts high-voltage electricity into DC voltage, which allows the units to function with very little energy, lowering your bill each month. Mini-split HVAC systems also leverage compressors with variable-speed settings, so that you can run them as much, or as little as needed. In comparison, most central air units might only one Two Speed options and might turn on/off more often, leading to slightly higher energy bills with less actual cooling/heating efficiency.
Flexibility with Ductless Mini Split Systems
Ductless Mini-Split HVAC systems also allow the ability to be used with central air systems. The most common case are un-cooled garages and basements. These rooms usually do not have ductwork and are usually considered ‘separate’ from the vapor-layer that the builders try to accomplish when enveloping a home during construction and design. Therefore, these rooms usually are not cooled or heated by a central air system, but you can still use a mini-split for that specific garage or basement room.

Inaba Denko’s Mini-Split System Accessories

Inaba Denko is dedicated to developing the highest-quality mini-split HVAC system accessories and parts. From our Paircoil lineset, to the Slimduct SD linseed -lineset hide cover, Inaba Denko will ensure that your products last for years to come. We also carry other accessory parts for your mini-split HVAC systems, such as wall outlets, wall sleeves, wall caps, and insulated adhesive & non-adhesive tape for installation.

To learn more about Inaba Denko’s Ductless Mini-Split linesets, cover hides, or other accessories, contact us today!