What Is a Lineset Cover?

09.15.2021 | News

What is a Lineset?

First, let's define what is a lineset. A lineset is used to describe copper piping which carries HVAC/AC refrigerant from the systems condenser outside, to the evaporator coil inside, and continues that loop in a repetitive cycle. The copper piping in a lineset consists of two pipes; a smaller line which is used for cool, high-pressure liquid refrigerant, and a larger suction line for low-pressure, hot gaseous refrigerant. Since these systems are pressurized, this means that the line set in HVAC systems are ‘closed’, where refrigerant should not enter or leave the system at any point unless there’s a leak. In this pressurized line set system, a qualified technician will be needed to fix any leak or pressure changes.

Why Do I Need a Lineset?

As mentioned above, an HVAC/AC line set connects the indoor and outdoor units together. The outdoor unit (the condenser) will supply the indoor unit (the evaporator) with refrigerant to keep to units functioning cohesively and efficiently. In the cases of a system with a heat pump, the flow would be reversed, providing heat to the home or commercial space.

Are Linesets Available in Different Sizes?

Line sets can be made in different sizes and the differences depend on a few things; the brand of mini split, the condenser size, the distance between units, and the number of indoor units required. The line sets themselves are also manufactured in different sizes depending on the mini split system used for your home or commercial space. With HVAC units that are rated for more BTU’s or greater tonnage, a larger diameter line set will be required.

What is a Lineset Cover?

Now that we’ve established what a line set is, and its functions, we can move onto an extremely important element – the lineset cover. A lineset cover is much simpler than the line set system itself, as the line set cover is used primary to conceal & protect line sets, drains lines, and other cables for your mini split system when they cannot be installed directly into a wall. Lineset covers are important, as they will protect the outside lines from being damaged by weather, and other conditions. Additionally, lineset covers protect the indoor lines from condensation or temperature/humidity changes that might occur in a home that has extreme temperature changes throughout the year.

Inaba Denko’s Lineset Covers

Inaba Denko carries a variety of line set covers to protect your linesets & drain lines. Our most popular product is the Slimduct SD Straight Duct, which is constructed from high-grade PVC and is offered in multiple diameters to suit your needs. The Slimduct SD is weather resistant, UV stabilized, and flame retardant PVC which can handle temperatures from -4°F to 140°F. Additionally, the Slimduct SD is offered in several colors: white, ivory, gray, brown, and black.

For Commercial Installations, Inaba Denko carries the Slimduct PD Straight Duct and Slimduct RD. The Slimduct PD is like the Residential Slimduct SD, in that it’s made of high-grade PVC material and offered in a variety of different sizes to suit commercial buildings. The Slimduct RD is made of galvanized steel and intended to carry several linesets within each duct, providing cooling or heating to large commercial spaces.