Advantages of Commercial Lineset Covers

10.22.2021 | Product

Commercial Lineset Cover

Line Sets for HVAC Units

To identify the benefits and advantages of a commercial lineset cover, let’s first define the lineset and the reason for a lineset cover. A lineset is a copping piping which carries HVAC/AC refrigerant from the outdoor unit’s condenser to the evaporator coil inside and continues in a looping-cycle. The lineset piping consists of two pipes; one small line which is used for the cool liquid refrigerant, and a larger suction line for low-pressure, hot, gaseous refrigerant.

What are Line Set Covers & Line Set Hides?

Lineset covers or lineset hides are meant to conceal and protect the line sets, drain lines, or other cables used for a mini split system that are not installed directly into a wall. Line that are not installed into a wall will need to be protected from moisture, damage, or excessive temperature changes which is why a line set cover, or line set hide is used. The line set covers will prevent the indoor lines from condensation and prevent any damage to lines that are prone to any weather condition or extreme temperature changes.

What is a Commercial Lineset Cover?

Now that we’ve established what a line set is, and what a line set covers purpose is used for, let’s now talk about large mini-split systems and protecting their line sets. For large commercial buildings or structures that use a mini-split HVAC system, they will likely also use a commercial lineset cover. Inaba Denko’s commercial line set cover is the Slimduct PD straight duct and the Slimduct RD product lines. The Slimduct PD is made of a high-grade PVC material and is also offered in a variety of different sizes to accommodate for commercial buildings or large structures. The Slimduct RD line set cover hide system is a galvanized steel lineset hide and it is intended to carry several line sets within each duct. Having the ability to carry several line sets means that it will be easier to cool or heat larger commercial buildings. Larger buildings need to use more indoor units, which means that more line sets will be needed to achieve desired comfort levels throughout a larger building. In these cases, a normal lineset cover would not be efficient, as most line set hide products only fit one line set, and are not designed to carry multiple line sets throughout a building.

Slimduct RD Galvanized Steel Line Set Hide

For large commercial buildings, we recommend the Slimduct RD line set hide, as this system is specifically designed for optimal performance when needing to cool or heat large buildings, spaces, or indoor structures. Our Slimduct RD line set hide cover product is also suited to be used as a walkway duct, allowing for the lineset covers to placed in optimal locations while not disturbing any maintenance workers for accessing a particular area of the lineset, or being obstructed by the line set hide system itself.
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