New Inaba Denko Slimduct Black Lineset Cover

12.08.2021 | Product

The Slimduct Lineset Cover, manufactured and backed by Inaba Denko premium quality standards, is a simple, lightweight, and inexpensive solution to cover mini split HVAC linesets. This cover will protect both the lineset and HVAC system from extreme weather conditions during the winter, spring, and fall, including leakage.

High-Grade PVC Lineset Hide

The Slimduct SD Black lineset cover is water-resistant/weatherproof PVC that will protect your linsets from rain, sleet, snow, etc. The high-quality PVC line set hide provides you with an economical solution that's not only lightweight but strong!

Variable Lineset Cover Dimensions

It will be perfect for small installations on any home! It can be easily cut and,is available in multiple widths and lengths.

Customized Lineset Cover Colors

This linecover hide features many different ells and inlets to fit any project. Inaba Denko lineset covers are available in multiple colors, black, ivory, or brown.

Waterproof, Water Resistant, and UV Stabilized

The lineset cover is water resistant and will repel UV damage. You can use it during heavy rains, sprinkler systems, and snow, and it will also repel debris like dust, dirt, and sand from damaging the line sets.

Slimduct Black Lineset Protection Cover Kits Available

Inaba Denko introduces the Slimduct Black Lineset Protection Cover Kit, the original premium lineset cover manufacturer. Our line set cover kit provides all the fittings necessary for protecting and aesthetically concealing line sets in a routine central split system or mini-split air conditioning installation.

The premium-grade hide is designed and selected for the North American commercial building and luxury home market and includes variable sizes and lengths. In addition, purchasing a wall inlet, 90 degree flat elbow, zip ties will ensure that you have everything needed for installation.

Top Features of Slimduct Line Set Covers

  • Weather and fire resistant; UV stabilized. Remains attractive and provides protection for years. Tested to over 2,000 hours. Temp range: (-4°F to 140°F)
  • Protects from pets, pests, and vandals. Flat bottom channel and elbow hugs wall, eliminates insect, bird nests from disrupting your mini split system.
  • One year warranty. Long lasting professional grade polymers.
  • Snap-together design allows for quick installation, saving time and money.
  • Deeper profile. Provides more room to work and accommodates thicker insulation per latest codes.
  • Wider design. Allows for multiple linesets under one cover.
  • Complete system. Covers and fittings for the majority of applications; available in a wide assortment of sizes, grades, and colors.
  • Wall hide kits. Everything to hide and protect lineset for a typical A/C installation in one box.
  • Compatible accessories. Works with 3-In-1 Lineset Cover Cutter, UV-Resistant Non-Adhesive Wrap, and Paircoil Lineset Insulation.
  • Like all Inaba Denko Slimduct products, the kit's contents are UV, weather and scratch resistant.


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