How to Protect and Beautify VRF Installations

02.08.2022 | Product

Commercial Lineser Cover

VRF system installations require a lot of planning. First you need to determine the location where the equipment will be installed. Does the building has rooftop availability? Should the HVAC system be installed on the ground level?

Learning about the site and possible obstacles are key for a proper installation. With that in mind, Inaba Denko developed Slimduct RD, a steel metal line set covers enclose the multiple refrigerant line set used by variable refrigerant flow/volume (VRF/VRV) multi-split systems. Slimdcut RD protects the linesets and improve VRF installations.

Slimduct RD benefits installers and property owners:


Slimduct RD is engineered to make installation a time-saving process. No special tools are required to assemble and connect the interlocking covers together. Also, only two kinds of screws are needed, and they are included with the product.


Slimduct RD encloses the multiple lines used by variable refrigerant flow/volume (VRF/VRV) multi-split systems. Requiring less space than traditional racking/jacketing system, its compact design delivers a clean, professional, and finished look to any rooftop project. It blends in perfectly with any type of commercial building.


Slimduct Walkway Type (RDW) is engineered with an embossed anti-slip surface. This enhances safety and enables maintenance personnel to walk on ducts without risk of damage to ducts or to linesets during routine maintenance.


A wide array of fittings, including risers, vertical mountings, and under-slab mountings, are readily available to easily customize any job on-site during the installation process. Slimduct RD can also be installed in any orientation.


Fabricated from sheets of high-grade, corrosion-resistant, and hot-dipped galvanized steel, Slimduct RD is coated with zinc, aluminum, and magnesium. This scratch, abrasion and corrosion-resistant coating offers better protection than stainless steel, even in highly corrosive atmospheres such as sea air.

Whenever you have questions about the product, or need help drawing the lineset cover layout, make sure to contact us.






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