Overcoming VRV Installation Challenges

03.28.2022 | News, Product

Slimduct SD

Overcoming VRV installation challenges with Slimduct RD from Inaba Denko America.

Overcoming VRV installation challenges often times is very frustrating. But, thanks to Inaba Denko America and Marketair Inc. solutions are easier to find.

The Challenge:

A building constructed in 1983 in Wester, Ohio needed a complete redesign and renovation to be repurposed for government use. Cooling and heating were one of the many areas needing a major upgrade. Considering the requirements for energy efficiency and precise zone control, the design engineers determined that the best solution would be a Daikin VRV system.

Once Comfortrol, the company hired to install the VRV system, saw the initial blueprints, they realized that the type of lineset installation proposed would create maintenance problems in the future. "The original idea was to install all the linesets underground, from the point where they exited the building until they reached the condensers. This type of installation would be problematic” said Mike Cipollone, project manager for Comfortrol. “Imagine having to break through concrete to address possible leaks or maintenance issues.” he continued.

The Solution:

Daikin, suggested they use Inaba Denko’s Slimduct RD Lineset Covers to overcome the VRV installation challenges.

Mike got in touch with Gerry Spanger from MarketAir.  They started discussing the project which culminated in new drawings using Slimduct RD for the main duct and Slimduct PD, (a supplementary PVC lineset enclosure system) from the main duct to each condenser. Thus eliminating the need for extra concrete work or burying linesets underground.

Even better, since both Slimduct RD & PD can easily be accessed, lineset maintenance would no longer be an issue. “This was the first time I’ve worked with Slimduct Commercial lineset enclosures, so I had some struggles in the beginning, however, overcoming  the VRV installation challenges with Gerry was not only very helpful but was instrumental in getting the design finalized,” said Mike.

Overcoming VRV installation challenges with Slimduct RD by Inaba Denko

Overcoming VRV installation challenges with Slimduct RD by Inaba Denko.

9 VRV systems were installed.

To direct the refrigerant flow to each designated zone, the 9 condensers were connected to about 30 branch boxes spread throughout the building. The client was very pleased with the VRV installation and the overall clean look.

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