Save Time and Prevent Callbacks.

04.22.2022 | Company, News, Product

Save time prevent callbacks

Save time, and prevent callbacks. Having the right accessories at the right time can help save time, make or save money and prevent callbacks! With the help of HVAC manufacturers like Inaba Denko America, ductless installation has become easier and more efficient. HVAC manufacturers have been creating accessories designed specifically for this type of approach, which makes things easier and more convenient than ever before! Here is a list of tools and accessories every technician should consider to make life easier and, your customers happier.

Slimduct SD save time

Get protection for your lines with the durable, Slimduct SD line-set cover. It will keep the linesets protected from weather or animals while also adding that extra touch of style!

Inaba Denko America Paircoil Line set
save time

Our Paircoil lineset is insulated by super duty cross-linked polyethylene to save you time and prevent you tearing and puncturing the lineset insulation when threading through sharp openings. 

save time prevent callbacks flexible ell

Our product name says it all. Get the flexibility you need and save on install time with Slimduct SD flexible ell. Available in white, ivory and brown, this product is ideal to protect short run lineset install, tame the linesents right at the condenser, and even to help go over trim or wall obstacles. 

NFP ADJUSTABLE SLEEVE save time prevent callbacks

A clean sealed wall penetration is key for proper maintenance and to enhance the energy efficiency of the mini-split system.  The Adjustable Wall Sleeve, creates that needed tight seal in combination with caulking, and gives you the ability to adjust its length from 4” to 7.5” to fit walls of different thickness.

PC-BJ30 WALL BRACKET prevent callbacks

No matter the weather, a wall bracket will keep your condenser out of harm's way. From snow drifts and flooding to hurricane-prone zones; these brackets are made for all kinds of environments!

HN NON ADHESIVE TAPE prevent callbacks

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is a set of guidelines that require UV-resistant, non-adhesive wrap for linesets because deteriorating insulation can lead to air conditioning efficiency issues.

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