Protecting Linesets while Enhancing Building Design.

05.09.2022 | News, Product

Hide a line cover set system

Protecting Linesets while Enhancing Building Design.

Protecting Linesets while preserving and even enhancing the building design is often a tough task.  When an apartment building owner decided to retrofit his 3-story apartment building, that’s exactly what he was facing. Dual Temp, a full-service mechanical contractor serving the Lehigh Valley and beyond, was commissioned with the task of finding the proper HVAC system for this project.

The Project:

Considering the owners requirement to preserve and enhance the building design, the installers determined that the best solution would be to install two 30-ton Daikin Split System. The two Daikin systems would be installed on the ground level, and the air handler units would be placed inside the penthouse of a 3 story building. “We needed something that would look aesthetically pleasing, so we could run, protect and hide the line sets outside of the building and avoid opening walls inside”, said Dakota Brown, Dual Temp’s service director.

Preserving and enhancing the building design:

After researching lineset covers available in the market, Dakota reached out to Gerry Spanger from MarketAir. With over 35 years of experience in the HVAC industry, Gerry knew right away that Slimduct RD from Inaba Denko America was the ideal solution to encase the refrigerant lines while providing an aesthetic and professional finish to the installation. Since the Slimduct RD can be easily accessed, lineset maintenance can be performed quickly and effectively.

Slimduct rd protecting linesets and enhancing building design

Slimduct RD Installation in progress

Dual Temp had a very smooth experience installing the Slimduct RD. It was the perfect solution to protect the linesets while enhancing the building design. The property owner was very happy with the overall installation look and is enjoying a pleasing temperature inside the building.

Slimduct RD is a cost-effective way to enclose and protect exposed lineset layouts, and the multiple linesets needed for VRV/VRF and rooftop applications. Easy to install and field configurable to any orientation, Slimduct RD is the labor-saving alternative to custom-fabricated lineset ducting options.


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