Solutions for Ductless Ceiling-Mounted Units

06.23.2022 | News, Product

Ceiling Mounted Ductless AC Unit

Solutions for Ductless Ceiling-Mounted Units

As Mini-split systems are becoming more, and more popular among energy efficient homeowners. In ceiling "Cassette" solutions are gaining popularity for their sleek and seemingly unobtrusive design. Inaba Denko America provides the perfect solutions for ductless ceiling-mounted units.

Ductless Ceiling-Mounted AC Unit Challenges

One of the challenges when working with ductless ceiling mounted units in residential homes is the limited space to work with above the ceiling. The tight spaces and usually sloping roof makes creating hand cut PVC drain piping almost impossible, and prone to fitting failures. That's where DSH-UP from Inaba Denko America makes things not only easier, but becomes the perfect solution because of it's versatility, flexibility and ease of installation.

DSH-Up Kit for ceiling-mounted units

Inaba Denko developed DSH-UP drain-up hose kits to make it easy to install drain-up piping on ductless ceiling mounted units. Making sure the drain pipe is properly installed is crucial for the HVAC system to run smoothly. With that in mind, it eliminates piecing together PVC with multiple adhesive connections, and the risk of water leakage from cement failure. Our DSH-up kit even comes with a water leakage check strip.

DSH-UP connects fittings to PVC with just a hose band. Since all the pipes are pre-insulated it also decreases on-site installation work while reducing risks of condensation after installation. Featuring transparent fittings, the connection to PVC pipes are visible, ensuring a secure fit. DSH-Up is recommended for light commercial HVAC units, ceiling cassette units, ducted concealed, and more.


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