The difference between central a/c and ductless mini-split systems.

08.17.2022 | News, Product

central air vs Ductless Mini-split

So, what’s the difference between central a/c and ductless mini-split cooling systems? The vast majority of homes in America rely on central air conditioning systems. However, mini-splits are becoming popular due to their ease of installation, flexibility for use during both the summertime or winter months and improved energy efficiency.

The motivation behind installing a new air conditioning system in your home is different from household to household, but there are some common reasons for replacing or adding onto an old unit. Maybe you're planning on adding on to your home or redesigning the layout of your house; either way it's important to know what kind of cooling system will best suit all needs! Mini split systems offer more flexibility with placement while central units tend provide smoother temperature fluctuations throughout homes.

An important thing to remember is a central air conditioner evenly heats/cools down your entire home, but it can be a disadvantage if you are not using all the rooms at once. Using a central air conditioner when you just want to cool/heat one or two rooms can lead to a dramatic increase in your bills. Whereas, mini-splits are designed to be room or area specific.

central air vs. mini-split systems


Installing a mini-split air conditioner is a simple process as there are no lengthy ductworks involved. While, Central air conditioner require extensive ductwork. Installing ductwork for the first-time is a costly process.


Mini-splits are considered energy efficient as they have no ducts that can contribute to energy loss. In turn, Extensive duck work of central Air contribute up to 30% energy loss,
decreasing efficiency.


A large, wall-mounted mini-split is considered an eyesore and may affect the aesthetics or your room. In addition, since most mini-split systems are installed post construction, there will be lines outside that need to hide. Inaba Denko’s Slimduct SD was designed just for this purpose. A central AC's indoor unit is usually placed in the basement or a garage, out of your sight and does not disrupt the aesthetics or your home.


Regular maintenance on mini-split systems quite easy. Cleaning coils and air filters that you can even do by yourself. While central air’s ductwork requires frequent maintenance. You have to pay additional amount for sealing leaks, cleaning ductwork, and adding insulation.


Mini-split system seems to be the winner when it comes to efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance, but aesthetics can play a major role on the decision process. However, thanks to companies like Inaba Denko America who provide HVAC accessories designed to not only protect the Mini-split system lines, it beautifies them as well.

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