Vertical Lineset Installation Issues

09.13.2022 | News, Product

TK - Series Vertical Lineset support

Vertical lineset installation issues can happen over time and aren't always apparent until it's too late. Vertical lineset installations are always subject to severe stress due to a combination of thermal expansion and gravity. "Linesets" are copper tubes, and like all piping materials, it expands and contracts with temperature changes. Therefore, in a copper tube system subjected to excessive temperature changes, over time it can buckle or bend when it expands unless compensation is built into the system. Severe stresses on the joints occur usually resulting in buckling and deformation of the fittings at the lower end of each pipe run. Buckled Elbow due to too much stress


Our innovative TK Series System from Inaba Denko America adds extra support brackets which are brazed onto the midpoints of the vertical riser, reducing the stress by up to 50%. Our TK Series eliminates buckling of the elbow fitting at the bottom of the Lineset due to the thermal expansion and gravity.

Vertical Lineset support picture

The TK Series Eliminates buckling of the elbow fitting at the bottom of the Lineset.

Using a central fixed-point acts as a fulcrum to direct thermal expansion upwards and downwards, supporting weight of copper pipe and reducing load on the elbow at lowest floor by up to 50%. The benefit of the TK Series is that it can be installed on new system installations or retrofitted to existing installations to add the support needed for vertical installations.

Additional Vertical Lineset Support Benefits:

Reduces gravity load on vertical linesets - Unlike conventionally supported vertical installations, Our TK-Series Lineset support is brazed onto the vertical lineset riser and reduces the load created by the weight of the lineset system.

Reduces extra stress on vertical linesets due to thermal expansion by up to 50% - In conventional installations the lowest elbow of the vertical system carries the full load of the lineset itself. Plus the additional stress imposed from thermal expansion.

Compatible with all lineset sizes - Full range covers all sizes from 1/4" to 2-1/4". Precision engineered high grade copper ferrules are fully compatible with all lineset sizes.

Durability - Engineered using a high corrosion resistant hot dipped galvanized steel, corrosion resistance is greatly improved. Under normal conditions, a correctly designed and properly installed lineset support assembly will easily last the life of the building. Throughout its existence, the assembly should function as well as it did when originally installed.

Thanks to Inaba Denko America's TK Series, most all vertical lineset installation Issues can be handled during initial installation or retrofitted to support existing solutions. For inquiries please contact (732) 985-8226

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