The Difference Between A/C Lineset Covers and Pipe Trunking

10.26.2022 | News, Product

Pipe Trunking lineset cover

What's the difference between A/C lineset covers and pipe trunking? If you're a technician, then chances are you've heard the term lineset cover and pipe trunking. Line set covers or pipe trunking terms are used primarily in the plumbing and HVAC industries. Even though plumbing and HVAC are technically two different industries, a lot of technicians and companies are trained and perform both services. But what's the difference between lineset covers and pipe trunking? We'll give you a rundown of the key differences between these two types of covers to help identify and clarify their differences so you can make the best decision for your next project.

A/C Lineset Covers

The difference between linset covers and pipe trunking

A/C lineset covers are specifically designed and manufactured to cover air conditioning linesets. With the popularity of ductless mini-split solutions growing, the need for lineset cover systems have become even popular. Ductless mini-split solutions use linesets to each zone in the house which means there are more lines on the exterior of the home or business that need protecting. Slimduct by Inaba Denko America provides lineset protection in an attractive weather, fire resistant and UV barrier that’s manufactured from high-grade PVC to conceal wall-mounted linesets. Slimduct creates a seal to keep your home or business watertight, pest free and protect the lines from any damage from the elements. The lineset covers are available in a variety of sizes, connectors and colors to match the aesthetic of any home or business.

Pipe Trunking

Pipe Trunking

The term pipe trunking, is also commonly used to describe the covering used to cover pipes, linesets and wiring that are exposed to provide both a neat appearance and protect the contents from damage. Interestingly, the term "trunk or trunking" is more common overseas and but has the same meaning and function as lineset covers here in the United States. Both can be made from sheet metal or PVC and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different diameters of pipes and protect more than just linesets. .



So when we hear the term "Pipe Trunking or Lineset Cover", we know we are speaking of the protection covering of pipes, linesets, wires or drain lines. The two terms are interchangeable and mean almost the exact same thing and could be used in the same way. It's really that simple!


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