The Importance of Insulated AC Line Sets

12.28.2022 | News, Product

Insulated AC Lines

The Importance of Insulated AC Line Sets

 What is the importance of insulated AC  line sets? You may have heard the term “AC line set” before, but do you know why it needs to be insulated? As a technician, understanding the importance of an insulated AC line set is essential for ensuring efficiency and safety when installing air conditioning systems. Let’s take a look at why insulation is so important for keeping your AC line sets running smoothly.

The Benefits of Insulation

Insulating AC line sets has many advantages. It helps reduce leakage, which can save energy and money while also improving the performance of your system. It also blocks out external noise from entering your home or business, offering improved comfort levels as well as protection from environmental factors such as wind, rain, and cold temperatures. Finally, insulated AC linesets provide protection against condensation and frost buildup during cooling season, helping to keep your system functioning efficiently and optimally.

Paircoil Pre-insulated Linesets

There are a few different types of insulation that can be used for AC linesets. Closed-cell foam insulation is one popular option. But very time consuming because it has to be purchased in pre-cut lengths or in rolls for custom installation jobs. The best option available today is Paircoil from Inaba Denko America’s lineset series engineered for mini-split air conditioners. This all-in-one lineset sheathes pre-paired copper tubes in flame retardant insulation and offers unmatched benefits for installers and homeowners. The line sets are pre-insulated by cross-linked polyethylene and pre-paired with liquid and suction line to allow for quick installation. The copper tubes are malleable which allows shaping by tool or bending by hand. The Ivory-colored insulation has an anti-friction film coating is fire retardant, allows for easy taping and damage prevention during installation.


Insulated AC line sets are essential components in any air conditioning system installation job because they help improve efficiency while also providing soundproofing and protection from moisture buildup and other environmental factors. As a technician, understanding the importance of insulation is key to ensuring optimal performance levels throughout the life cycle of an AC unit. And now thanks to Inaba Denko America and Paircoil you can ensure that your installations meet all necessary standards while providing customers with long-lasting quality service that they can rely on day after day.

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