Longlasting HVAC Linesets Installations

05.12.2023 | News, Product


Longlasting HVAC Linesets Installation

Contractors, home owners and even neighbors love the Slimduct SD. Covering the line set is very important during the installation process. It doesn't just prolong the life of the HVAC system. Further, lineset covers can transform the property giving it that clean, professional look and increased curb appeal while adding home value.

It is fairly common to see HVAC & Heat Pump installations that are not done properly. Some common mistakes range from having the condenser blocked by overgrown grass to linesets completely exposed to the elements.  You might think that protecting linesets is important only for aesthetics reasons; unfortunately you are wrong.

Exposed linesets affect the system performance and cause unnecessary callbacks and complaints to the contractors.

Here are a few of the damages that occur from exposed linesets:

Damaged linesets

● Longtime exposure will lead to insulation crumbling.
● Dew condensation and corrosive substances will likely form on copper pipes, creating a chemical reaction that leads to the formation of pinholes.
● Pinholes may develop into gas leaks, which will lead to costly repairs for homeowners.

Protecting installation and your reputation with Slimduct SD:

Slimduct Installation

Engineered for mini-split air conditioners, our modular Slimduct SD Lineset Cover for residential properties is your ideal choice to conceal, protect, and beautify exposed linesets. Slimduct SD protects vulnerable linesets from weather damage, vandalism, and pests. It has unlimited application for various configurations.

Easy to install, and available in five colors and three sizes, Slimduct SD is an adaptable solution that offers an extensive variety of inlets and ells to complete any installation.

● Material: Weather resistant, UV stabilized, and Flame retardant PVC
● Weather Resistant: JIS D 0205, SWOM test conducted over 2000 hours
● Temperature Range: -4°F to 140°F
● SD-77 (3”), SD-100 (4”), SD-140 (5-5/8”)

Slimduct SD highest quality comes from years of experience in the birthplace of ductless air conditioning. Include Inaba Denko products to your next project  for painless installation strategies.




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