3 Reasons for a Lineset Cover

06.09.2023 | News, Product

lineset cover

A lineset cover is essential for residential homes or commercial buildings with a ductless HVAC system. The reasons are for maintenance and to assist in saving energy.

What is a Lineset Cover?

 A lineset cover is often made of PVC and conceals thin pipes or lines, protecting them from UV rays or weather damage. They also prevent animals from nesting within the system or chewing the tubes. They are important to prevent the investment of your HVAC system.


Exposed linesets are subject to damage from the outdoors as seen above.

How Does a Lineset Cover Help?

1. Extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold, wind, and rain can damage linesets over time. Lineset covers are extremely important for protecting HVAC systems from outdoor elements such as rain or animals. Rain causes corrosion or rust on AC tubing, and animals such as squirrels can chew the pipes. Rats or mice also can nest inside your air conditioning system and cause pollution with their droppings; all of which results in system failure.

2. Insulating tubing also reduces heat loss, which is how lineset covers save energy. Without lineset covers, pipes are exposed to outdoor elements. This could lead to damage, which affects the energy efficiency of your system. Therefore, lineset covers extend the life of your HVAC system.

3. Lineset covers or line hides are often overlooked due to their aesthetic value. They add to the design of a home, creating a more professional look that hides the inside tubing of an HVAC system.

SLIMDUCT SD is Inaba Denko’s lineset cover series engineered for mini-split heat pump air conditioners.

An Inaba Denko Lineset Cover is the Perfect Solution

Inaba Denko America offers some of the best solutions to protect your HVAC system! The Slimduct SD lineset cover  hides wall-mounted linesets and many more configurations. For commercial buildings, Inaba Denko offers the Slimduct RD lineset series made of galvanized steel; perfect to protect multiple systems.

Slimduct SD comes in different sizes and five colors: White, Ivory, Gray, Black, and Brown. High-quality PVC comprises the lineset cover, fitting any home aesthetic. It is UV-stabilized and flame-retardant to keep your HVAC system safe from outdoor elements. Multiple module parts allow for easy installation to adapt to any obstacles.

Contact us to find out how Inaba Denko products can protect your HVAC system today!

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