The Pros of an AC Mounting Bracket

06.23.2023 | News, Product

ac mounting bracket

Using air conditioning braces or an AC mounting bracket on exterior walls is a great way to support your HVAC system. Putting up air conditioning brackets gives a home a pleasing aesthetic and lets people make their living space unique.

What is the Purpose of an AC Mounting Bracket?

An air conditioner support bracket is a metal bracket that fastens onto exterior walls. Brackets hold up the HVAC system on the walls above ground level.

The Pros of Using External AC Mounting Brackets

If there is uneven ground, an AC mounting bracket can hold an HVAC system up to avoid levelling the ground out. AC brackets save space when installing in a narrow walkway or next to a driveway.


Practically, it is easier to spot leaks and keep the unit away from weeds with AC mounting brackets. Cleaning the unit is easier when air can flow freely without leaves or dirt blocking it.


Since a slab or concrete base can be expensive, an alternative is condenser risers, which support a unit from underneath. Steel condenser risers keep the system stable, which reduces the chance of water damage from standing water or flooding.

Inaba Denko America Wall Bracket Solutions

Inaba Denko America has various AC braces available for your clients' needs, like wall brackets, condenser slab stands, and condenser rises. Durable PVC material inside the components allows them to withstand extreme temperatures.


Wall brackets available can hold anywhere from 171 up to 331lbs, perfect to multiple sizes of air conditioning units. Explore your options today on!

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