Chalet with Mini Split Wall Mount

07.24.2023 | News, Product

The Challenge: Building a Proper Mini Split Wall Mount for Extreme Temperatures

An owner was renovating a cozy wooden cabin to rent on short-term vacation websites like AirBnB and VRBO.

The home is near Lake Carobeth in Tobyhanna, PA, where winters are cold, and summers are hot. Therefore, building a heating and cooling system suited for extreme temperatures was important.

The Solution:


Andrew and James from Premier Climate LLC installed a ductless mini split wall mount in a vacation home. The vacation home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

The owner wanted the home to use a black lineset cover to complement the external design. "I've been using Slimduct SD lineset covers for many years and had seen the Black lineset on many installations in Europe. I knew the Slimduct SD Black would be the perfect fit for this project," said Andrew.

Slimduct SD covered the refrigerant lines that connected the condenser to the mini split wall mount. Slimduct SD Black has a variety of fittings available, making it easy to customize installations. A suitable HVAC lineset cover makes up the wall inlets and straight ducts. After strapping techniques, the lineset cover also helped seal all exit holes correctly.

mini split wall mount

Slimduct SD Black elbows and SD Tee allowed the lineset cover to fit the shape of the home. As a result, Slimduct Black accents the design of the home and ensures a long life for its air conditioning system.

"Slimduct SD is my go-to lineset cover. The quality of the material gives me the assurance of a job well done and happy customers. The chalet owner was very pleased with the chalet look." James said.

Premier Climate LLC built the mini split wall mount with five heads in strategic places in the home. The wide variety of Slimduct SD Black fittings made for a clean transition around the house. Vacation renters are now enjoying the comforts of this home in Pennsylvania, thanks to Slimduct SD.


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