How does a Mini Split Drain Line Help Achieve Proper Condensate Management?

07.10.2023 | News, Product

Mini split drain lines or condensate drain lines help pump out water that would otherwise clog the mini split system. They remove excess moisture from the air and prevent water damage. Condensate management is essential to HVAC systems to control the amount of water inside the system.

mini split drain line


What is a mini split drain line?

The drain line helps reduce room humidity while the air conditioner is cooling. Water vapor in the air turns into liquid and then flows outside through the drain line. This is also called removing condensate.

What is condensate?

Condensate is water droplets that form when humid air is cooled to the point that it reaches 100% humidity. This explains why when drinking hot drinks, you need to use a coaster to protect furniture, as water droplets form below.

What is condensate management?

Outside air contains many droplets of water depending on the humidity of the area. Air conditioners can only hold certain amounts of water. Therefore, it is important to install and maintain the drain lines and hoses of mini split units correctly.

Condensate needs to be removed from a mini split system through drain lines and hoses. The excess water would damage a house’s ceilings, walls, floors and everything else inside.

Make sure to regularly inspect the mini split drain lines for any signs of wear or damage. Be sure they are clean of outside materials and secured. Better yet, use a lineset cover such as Slimduct SD to protect you refrigerant and drain lines from any damage and add a professional touch to your exterior home’s design.

What if the mini split drain line is malfunctioning?

Search for indications of wreckage within the pipeline. Also check the fittings and accessories for wear and tear. The line could also have leaks or cracks that would interfere with water flow. When the problem is too severe to solve on your own, call your local HVAC technician.

The dangers of not following condensate management

Proper condensate management is crucial to HVAC installation to avoid water damage to homes or businesses. Claims can cost upwards of thousands of dollars.

Luckily, Inaba Denko America sells a variety of drain line solutions, ranging from insulated, non-insulated and even a kit specially designed to manage condensation on cassette installations. Learn more in the Tips and Trick's video below!


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