How to Make a Long-Lasting VRF Heat Pump System?

08.04.2023 | News, Product

The Challenge: How to protect a VRF heat pump system for years to come?

VRF Heat pump systems and VRF heat recovery systems are robust, energy-efficient alternatives to traditional heating and air conditioning systems. These systems have refrigeration piping and insulation that need protection from UV rays. If the insulation sustains damage, it can affect the performance and capacity of the system.

The Phillip Burtner Apartments project near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania needed a durable, long-lasting, and flexible line set protection for their new system.

The Solution: Slimduct RD of Inaba Denko America

Comfort Supply Inc. installed a 20-ton VRF heat pump system on the roof of Phillip Burtner Apartments. It heats and cools with 34 indoor units in two buildings. Gerry Spanger from Marketair took the drawings from the engineer and then assisted with the project's design, layout for the bidding, ordering, and installation process, Together, they selected Mitsubishi VRF systems and Slimduct RD for the piping protection.

Slimduct RD is a metal line set cover for commercial use. The layer is resistant to rust and its purpose is to safeguard and encase various line sets. It is the premium choice for line set protection when installing VRF Heat pump and VRF Heat Recovery systems.

heat pump multiple lineset cover

As shown above, Slimduct RD protects and encloses multiple line sets.

Slimduct RD provides versatility as it allows for installation on walls, ceilings, or rooftops, making it ideal for commercial buildings. “Slimduct RD was actually chosen for this project because the majority of the line sets are actually up on the roof, and the architect and the owner wanted to protect the line sets for as long as possible, and we felt that the RD series was going to be the best solution for that,” said Justin Kern, Comfort Supply Inc.

Beyond line set protection, Slimduct RD also brings a beautiful, polished look to any VRF and VRV system, as seen below.

heat pump system cover

Residents of Phillip Burtner Apartments now benefit from a quality heat pump system. This system allows for the heating and cooling of different rooms and improves air circulation in the buildings. Contact us today to learn more about how Slimduct RD can protect your next commercial heat pump system!


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