How to Camouflage a Mini Split Unit

10.24.2023 | News, Product

Slimduct SD brown camouflages mini split unit of this home

How to Camouflage a Mini Split Unit

When looking to install a ductless mini split system, you may be wondering how to camouflage it with your home? Many types of these systems, especially the Mini Split system, doesn’t blend in well with their surroundings well because of their shiny painted surfaces. The pipes can look bad and get worse over time because of the environment and old age. 

There are some options out there that combat this dilemma. Line set covers, outdoor unit covers and landscaping are a few ways to achieve a much more pleasing appearance. Let's look at some of those options. 

Lineset covers

You can use lineset covers to conceal HVAC piping on your home and complement the home’s design. The covers look professional and keep pipes safe from rocks and pests. In this article, we will discuss how to choose the right look, application, and provide some installation guidance.

Step 1: Choose a line set cover color that matches or complements your house's exterior. This will help the cover blend in seamlessly with the overall design and color of your home. 

Step 2: Determine the correct path your piping will take as well as any fittings you might need. To determine the width of your lineset cover, consider the size of the pipes. Measure the length of the lineset cover and then proceed to order the kit that matches the appropriate size. Sometimes, the lineset cover should include the refrigerant piping, communication wire, and drain hose.  

Step 3: Find the shortest and most efficient path for the cover to take. This will ensure that you purchase the correct amount of line set cover and pieces and avoid any unnecessary waste. 

Step 4: Attach the lineset cover by securing the base with screws, bolts, or an anchor suitable for your needs.  

Step 5: Attach the piping to the base using clips and zip ties from the lineset kit. Be careful not to bend the refrigerant piping. 

Step 6: Once complete, you will add the top cover. The cover connects to the base on both sides. It can either slide on or clip to each side. The method used depends on the installation layout. 

We will install elbows and/or couplings at joints where turns are necessary or where a long, straight length is needed. Each of those will attach to their own base with stainless steel screws. 

After installing the pipe, seal the end where it exits. You can do this using putty, caulk, silicone, or expanding foam. The purpose of sealing is to prevent insects and critters from entering. 

To keep your lineset cover in good condition, clean and maintain it regularly to ensure it looks its best. Clean the line hide with mild detergent and water to remove dirt and debris that may have built up. Additionally, inspect the line hide for any signs of damage or wear, and make any necessary repairs or replacements. 

How to Camouflage a Mini Split Unit with Outdoor Unit Covers 

Outdoor unit covers are designed to cover most of the sides of the unit while providing enough ventilation so the system can operate properly. 

These provide extra protection against thrown rocks, weed trimmers, and pets by protecting the coil surface as well as the unit’s painted finish. Some may choose to install a lattice fence around the unit as well. 

how to camouflage a mini split unit with landscaping

Landscaping option

Landscaping is another way to camouflage an HVAC outdoor unit as well. This can be done by placing landscaping elements like bushes around it. Planting plants near the unit can make it look nicer and blend in with the surroundings. However, since this was not specifically designed for ventilation, you want to make sure there is plenty of ventilation for the system to operate effectively and efficiently. 

In conclusion, camouflaging HVAC equipment on homes using any of these options is a practical and effective solution to improve the overall appearance of your home. With proper planning, careful execution, choosing the right colors and regular maintenance, you can achieve a seamless and aesthetically pleasing look.  

how to camouflage a mini split unit

SLIMDUCT SD is Inaba Denko’s lineset cover series engineered for mini-split heat pump air conditioners.

Inaba Denko America offers premium line set cover Slimduct SD to help camouflage mini split units outside a home. Choose from 4 beautiful colors: White, Ivory, Brown and Black to complement the build of your home. The lineset cover is made of high-grade PVC for UV resistance and flame retardancy and protects refrigeration lines from weather damage, vandalism and pests. Contact us to learn more about how Slimduct SD can help your project today!

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