Kerry McIntyre Presents at HVAC Excellence 2024

03.08.2024 | Event, News

HVAC Excellence

Kerry McIntyre Presents at HVAC Excellence 2024

Tuesday, March 26 from 10:30 AM until 11:45 AM, Sonoma D

Attending HVAC Excellence 2024 in Las Vegas? Be sure to attend the session Global HVAC Installation Insights: From Failures to Excellence presented by Kerry McIntyre for valuable insights on the HVAC industry.

Explore the world of HVAC installations through someone who has traveled the world through the lens of the HVACR industry. With a background spanning continents and industries, Kerry McIntyre will present a collection of global installation examples, highlighting failures without brand bias. This class focuses on dissecting common mistakes, showcasing practical solutions, and raising the standards of HVAC systems. Unveil the impact of different environments on installations and empower yourself with adaptable knowledge. Join us for a transformative journey of learning and exploration in the realm of HVAC installations.

With almost 40 years in the trades, Kerry McIntyre has seen it all. He will discuss solutions to issues in the HVAC industry.

While at HVAC Excellence 2024, visit Inaba Denko America’s booth #2005 at South Point Hotel to see innovation HVAC solutions such as Slimduct SD, the premium lineset protection system.

Slimduct SD protects refrigeration lines from corrosion while also making the install look professional. Slimduct SD is line set cover series engineered for ductless mini-split air conditioners. Constructed from high-grade PVC, it conceals and protects wall-mounted line sets. With a sleek and beautiful design, Slimduct SD adds many additional benefits for installers and homeowners.

The SRV Superlock is another Inaba Denko America solution on display at HVAC Excellance 2024. It offers superior horizontal pipe support with quick, easy installation. The SRV is a one touch clip that saves time. In this video, see how with the SRV it only takes 17 seconds to install! The SRV also allows for back-to-back installation to save space.

Visit our library to learn more about Inaba Denko America’s products. See you in Las Vegas!

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