Lineset Cover & Time-Saving Residential Solutions

03.27.2024 | News, Product

Time-Saving Residential Solutions; Mini-Split Accessories

Mini-split accessories are solutions that helps save time on an HVAC installation. Saving time is crucial for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Utilizing time-saving residential solutions can greatly benefit the installation process.

Flexible solutions that allow for a proper install are necessary to help save time and money. Here are four products that will save on time and help accomplish a proper installation.

wall sleeve

Wall Sleeve

A clean wall penetration is key for proper maintenance and enhances the energy efficiency of the mini-split system. You can adjust the Wall Sleeve from 4” to 7.5” to fit walls of different thicknesses. It creates a tight seal when combined with caulking, making it versatile and easy to install.

Flexible Ell

Get the flexibility you need and save on install time with Slimduct SD flexible ell. This product is available in various colors and ideal for protecting short lineset installations.

You can also use it to organize linesets at the condenser. Additionally, it helps navigate around trim or wall obstacles.


Plarock condenser risers hold up the AC unit over the ground to prevent debris from collecting inside. They also prevent slippage from vibration by permanently installing the unit, thus reducing maintenance time.

Slimduct Black ship

Slimduct SD

Slimduct SD premium lineset cover offers 295 different fittings. The variety of offerings allows for flexibility to streamline and simplify the installation.

By incorporating these innovative products in their projects, HVAC installers can save time, streamline installations, and improve overall efficiency. Inaba Denko America offers premium mini split accessories that save time on residential HVAC installations. Learn more about these time-saving solutions by checking out our online product library!

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