Lineset Cover is 2024 Code Compliant

04.22.2024 | Company, Product

The 2024 International Code book is out and there are some changes.

This article discusses changes in protecting refrigerant piping/lineset and how Inaba Denko America can assist with this.

"Refrigerant piping shall be protected by locating it within the building elements or within protective enclosures.” as stated in Section 1109.2.2 of the International Mechanical Code book. This means you must place the pipes inside walls or lineset cover enclosures to protect them from damage.

There are exceptions to the rule, such as if the pipe is out of reach or in machinery rooms, for instance. Piping is prohibited to be installed in fire-resistant corridors, stairways, ramps, elevators, dumbwaiters, or shafts with moving objects.

Protecting refrigerant pipes by placing them inside buildings or enclosures, ensures compliance with Mechanical Codes. This practice enhances piping safety and aligns with building regulations for construction safety. Consider exceptions for specific locations to optimize efficiency. Safeguarding these pipes can prevent damage and increase overall system longevity. Utilizing proper insulation to maintain optimal temperatures within the pipes. Securing placement within structures also reduces the risk of external factors impacting the pipes’ functionality. Enhance your project's safety and efficiency by following these guidelines with lineset covers.

Inaba Denko America provides solutions to keep your project safe and compliant with code regulations for protective enclosures in restricted places. Our solutions are lineset covers made of PVC for residential and commercial applications and one with a special coating for larger commercial installations.

Slimduct SD lineset cover comes in four colors: white, ivory, brown, and black. The mini split lineset cover provides durable and attractive options for protecting linesets.

Slimduct SD consists of high-quality PVC. It adds a stylish touch to residential HVAC systems. It also offers protection from vandalism, weather, and pests.

Slimduct PD is a product for protecting linesets on rooftops or in basements where pipes run overhead. It helps designers and contractors with installation by optimizing limited space and routine maintenance for refrigeration lines.

Slimduct RD has a corrosion-resistant coasting which provides decades of maintenance-free protection. A special material coats the mini split lineset cover to protect it from rust and scratches. It consists of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium, which makes it stronger than galvanized steel.

commercial lineset cover

Slimduct RD is a high-quality steel cover for commercial linesets used on rooftops.

Meet customer expectations and code compliance with Inaba Denko-America’s solutions! Learn more in our new YouTube series Ask a Trainer with Kerry McIntyre below!

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