Stands for Air Conditioners Lift & Support Air Conditioning Units

04.29.2024 | Company, Product

stand for air conditioner

Stands for air conditioners and brackets are used to support, position, or improve an outdoor unit. They can improve system performance by lifting the outdoor unit off the ground. This keeps the unit away from dirt, grass clippings, snow, and pets.

Additionally, they provide support for the unit. Placing the unit on a stand or bracket improves airflow, which helps the system perform better overall.

These products are manufactured in various ways including custom fabrication and premanufactured products readily available on the market today. Premanufactured options include materials such as stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and even plastic. Different configurations and designs include post, or foot-type risers, and rail types that are either wall-mounted, roof-mounted, or placed directly on the ground.

Location, environment, and safety are important considerations when selecting the equipment stand and brackets. The size and weight of the equipment as well as the materials play a major role in how well the products perform. For example, for a coastal installation, you may want to choose a stainless-steel wall bracket to protect against flooding. The stainless-steel brackets provide fall protection due to their resistance to saltwater corrosion.

Unit clearances also have to be taken into consideration as having the unit too close to the building can not only negatively affect the system’s performance but makes it more difficult to perform periodic maintenance or repair.

To ensure you choose the correct product, always consult the unit installation requirements to ensure the system not only performs as designed but will be installed within warranty guidelines concerning clearances.

Stands and brackets may also help with zero-lot line construction. Wall brackets, in particular, allow the unit to sit closer to the building allowing more walking space as well as offering an area underneath to provide a little more green space.

Inaba Denko America offers stands, duplex stands, and wall brackets as options for air conditioning units. They are available in heavy-duty stainless and powder-coated finishes. The stand raises the condenser to 12” above the surface. Each leg is independently adjusted for uneven surfaces and has anti-slip rubber feet.

Visit our Condenser Riser section to learn more about how these stands can help improve your next air conditioner installation!


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