Overcoming VRF/VRV System Challenges with Slimduct RD & PD

05.29.2024 | News, Product

vrf/vrv system

Overcoming VRF/VRV System Challenges with Slimduct RD & PD

A government building in Westerville, Ohio, constructed in 1983, needed a complete redesign and renovation in the cooling and heating area, including an efficient commercial line set cover. With the requirements for energy efficiency and precise zone control under consideration, the design engineers determined that the best solution would be a VRF/VRV system. With the installation of such a system, lineset protection is important to ensure the system's longevity.

Lineset covers achieve easy lineset protection

Once Comfortrol, the company hired to install the VRF/VRV system, saw the initial blueprints, they realized that the original lineset installation plan (underground) would create future maintenance problems. “The original idea was to install all the linesets underground, from the point where they exited the building until they reached the condensers. This type of installation would be problematic” said Mike Cipollone, project manager for Comfortrol. “Imagine having to break through concrete to address possible leaks or maintenance issues.” he continued.

Slimduct RD and PD were the solutions that ultimately solved this challenge, and allowed them to be installed on the roof.

Slimduct PD line set cover protects the main duct to each condenser, thus eliminating the need for extra concrete work or burying linesets underground. This commercial line set cover can enclose VRF/VRV and mini-split line sets.

vrf installation

Mike initiated contact with Gerry Spanger, a representative from MarketAir, to start a collaborative project. As discussions progressed, they decided to revamp the existing plans by incorporating Slimduct RD for the main duct and Slimduct PD for the supplementary PVC lineset enclosure system linking to individual condensers. This strategic decision not only optimized the project's efficiency but also eliminated the need for extra concrete work or the burial of linesets underground. Through this innovative approach and utilization of advanced duct systems, they successfully achieved a streamlined and cost-effective solution for the project.

Slimduct RD and PD are easily accessible for easy lineset maintenance of the VRF/VRV system over the years

Learn more about the Westerville, OH case study and how Slimduct RD and PD can protect and elevate your next commercial install!


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