Inaba Denko lineset cover system offers unlimited combinations of modules. Slimduct SD, our long-selling flagship brand, is constructed from high-grade PVC to conceal wall-mounted linesets for residential units. Slimduct PD is a PVC lineset cover series for commercial buildings and Slimduct RD is a lineset series using galvanized steel designed for multiple lineset ducting.

Lineset Cover - Residential

Lineset Cover - Indoor

Lineset Cover Cutter

Lineset Cover - Commercial PVC

Lineset Cover - Commercial Metal


Lineset covers and lineset hides are used to conceal and protect copper line sets for a mini split AC/HVAC system. Linesets hides, or covers, are used primarily in the case where line sets, drain lines and control cables cannot be installed within the walls for concealment. The line set covers ensure that these important line sets, cables and drain hoses are concealed and protected.