Inaba Denko offers lineset pipe support systems consisting of metal fixtures in vertical and horizontal directions. HVAC lineset pipe brace support systems also consist of saddle clamps and anti-deflection braces or brackets.

Vertical Lineset Support

Horizontal Pipe Support


Seismic Support

Vertical Lineset Support Systems & Brackets

Vertical lineset support systems and brackets such as the TK-U vertical mounting bracket are made of hot-galvanized steel and is meant for reducing clearance from a wall surface, allowing your support system to mount steel structures. Inaba Denko also carries the TK-B horizontal lineset bracket, which is also made for mounting onto steel structures.

Horizontal Pipe Support systems, Hooks, and Cable Hanger

Horizonal pipe support systems, braces, hooks, and cable hanger supports are intended for horizonal piping. Products such as the SRV superlock clamp is made of steel with SPPCC (unichrome) plating and is used for indoor applications only. The SRV Superlock supports pipes by attaching onto a W3/8” threaded rod. Similar items, such as the PL Pipehook are made a PP material (polypropylene) and is also attached onto a W3/8” threaded rod. Inaba Denko also carries the SR-WS cable hanger support system, used with the SUPERLOCK products (SRV, SRS). The cable hanger is made of PP (polypropylene) material and should not be used with a round bar.

Pipe Saddle Support Clamps & Anti-Deflection Brace Systems

Pipe saddle clamps are used for lineset piping, keeping the lines organized and immovable. The KS Single Saddle clamp product is made of PE material (polyethylene) and can be used outdoors. Saddle clamp products such as the VES Double Saddle clamp, VS Double saddle clamp, and DSV Single saddle clamp are made of PP (polypropylene) material and is intended for indoor-use only.