Hose to Hose Coupler 20

Hose to Hose Coupler 20 Hose to Hose Coupler 20


For drain hose extension


  • Joins two insulated drain hoses.
  • To extend insulated drain hose.


  • Insulated drain hose and accessories: PVC
  • Insulation: PE


  • DSH Series must be used at indoor.
  • Cut drain hose in right angle, and completely remove any dust, oil, and trash.
  • Use cement/glue for PVC pipe use and insert drain hose/pipe fully into accessory fitting to avoid any problems such as water leakage.
  • Do not bend drain hose by a radius of less than three times of outer diameter.
  • Do not slack drain hose when installing (Need slope for water flow).
  • Use drain hose accessories exclusively with Inaba Denko drain hoses. Use of these products in combination with any other brand will invalidate warranty.
  • Do not use cement/glue for PVC pipe connection between drain hose (DH/DHQ) & coupler (DSH-14H/DSH-14J). Insert drain hoses, accessory fittings fully and secure with tape.


Code No.Item No.Compliant drain hosePcs/Pkg
C 08940DSH-20NJDSH-20N50