TKL LineBrace Pipe Bracket

TKL LineBrace Pipe Bracket TKL LineBrace Pipe Bracket


TKL LineBrace vertical pipe bracket support is a clamping system that supports the weight of A/C vertical piping and reduces the thermal expansion load on the lowest elbow by 50%.

Vertical lineset installations with pipe brackets are always subject to severe stress due to a combination of thermal expansion and gravity, usually resulting in buckling and deformation of the fittings at the lower end of each pipe run. Central fixed point acts as a fulcrum to direct thermal expansion upwards and downwards, supporting weight of lineset.

LineBrace solves these problems and simplifies installation.

Specifications of Pipe Bracket

  • Reduces weighted load on vertical riser
  • Reduces thermal expansion load by 50%
  • Can be used in retrofit projects
  • Compatible with most pipe sizes
  • Exclusive insulation technology


  • Main body: Fixation band: SUS304

Nut fixation plates: PP

Hex nuts M8 (3 pieces): SUS

  • Hex bolts: M8 x 23L (SUS 3 pieces)


Code No.Item No.Compliant pipe sizeAB,ECDFPcs/Pkg
C 51763TKL-3K*3/8"2-3/8"1-1/4"2-1/2"1-1/4"0.04"20
C 61764TKL-4K1/2"2-1/2"1-3/8"2-5/8"1-3/8"0.06"20
C 61765TKL-5K5/8"2-1/2"1-3/8"2-5/8"1-3/8"0.06"20
C 51766TKL -6K3/4"2-5/8"1-1/2"2-3/4"1-1/2"0.06"20
C 51767TKL-7K7/8"2-5/8"1-1/2"2-3/4"1-1/2"0.06"20
C 51769TKL-9K1-1/8"2-7/8"1-5/8"2-7/8"1-5/8"0.06"20
C 51771TKL-11K1-3/8"2-7/8"1-3/4"3-1/8"1-7/8"0.08"20
C 51773TKL-13K1-5/8"3-1/8"2"3-1/4"1-7/8"0.08"20