Straight Duct of SLIMDUCT RD series.

  • RD150 size: not possible to use without coupler.
  • Use RFJ (free coupler) for RD connection if you cut RD duct.
  • For vertical application, do not use without coupler to connect for safety sake.
  • For vertical application, do not use brackets when mounting sizes 600(H) and 900(H) to wall.  In vertical applications when mounted direct to the wall, size 900(H) cannot be used with elbows. If duct needs to be raised from wall surface, use a baseplate RDB, REB, RFB, RTS, or RJB.
  • Size 600(H), 900(H) are supplied with reinforced plate for cover. Size 450(H) is not supplied with it, it is an optional accessory for size 450(H).
  • Size 600(H), 900(H) are supplied with reinforced plate for joint.
  • For further information, refer to SLIMDUCT RD Installation manual.


Code No.Item No.Length (L)Width (W)Height (H)Pcs/Pkg
C 77017RD-150-A-ZA78-3/4"6"4-3/8"1
C 77027RD-150-1-A-ZA39-3/8"6"4-3/8"1
C 77037RD-150-05-A-ZA19-3/4"6"4-3/8"1
C 85002RD-300-D-ZA78-3/4"11-7/8"5-1/4"1
C 85092RD-300-1-D-ZA39-3/8"11-7/8"5-1/4"1
C 85182RD-300-5-D-ZA19-3/4"11-7/8"5-1/4"1
C 85272RD-300-3-D-ZA11-7/8"11-7/8"5-1/4"1
C 85042RD-300H-D-ZA78-3/4"11-7/8"10"1
C 85132RD-300H-1-D-ZA39-3/8"11-7/8"10"1
C 85222RD-300H-5-D-ZA19-3/4"11-7/8"10"1
C 85312RD-300H-3-D-ZA78-3/4"11-7/8"10"1
C 85012RD-450-D-ZA39-9/8"11-7/8"5-1/4"1
C 85102RD-450-1-D-ZA19-3/4"11-7/8"5-1/4"1
C 85192RD-450-5-D-ZA11-7/8"11-7/8"5-1/4"1
C 85282RD-450-3-D-ZA78-3/4"11-7/8"5-1/4"1
C 85052RD-450H-D-ZA39-3/8"17-3/4"10"1
C 85142RD-450H-1-D-ZA19-3/4"17-3/4"10"1
C 85232RD-450H-5-D-ZA78-3/4"17-3/4"10"1
C 85322RD-450H-3-D-ZA39-3/8"17-3/4"10"1
C 85022RD-600-D-ZA19-3/4"17-3/4"5-3/8"1
C 85112RD-600-1-D-ZA11-7/8"17-3/4"5-3/8"1
C 85202RD-600-5-D-ZA78-3/4"17-3/4"5-3/8"1
C 85292RD-600-3-D-ZA39-3/8"17-3/4"5-3/8"1
C 85062RD-600H-D-ZA19-3/4"23-5/8"10"1
C 85152RD-600H-1-D-ZA78-3/4"23-5/8"10"1
C 85242RD-600H-5-D-ZA39-3/8"23-5/8"10"1
C 85332RD-600H-3-D-ZA19-3/4"23-5/8"10"1
C 85032*RD-900-D-ZA11-7/8"35-1/2"5-3/8"1
C 85122*RD-900-1-D-ZA78-3/4"35-1/2"5-3/8"1
C 85212*RD-900-5-D-Z39-3/8"35-1/2"5-3/8'1
C 85302*RD-900-3-D-ZA19-3/4"35-1/2"5-3/8"1
C 85072*RD-900H-D-ZA78-3/4"35-1/2"10"1
C 85162*RD-900H-1-D-ZA39-3/8"35-1/2"10"1
C 85252*RD-900H-5-D-ZA19-3/4"35-1/2"10"1
C 85342*RD-900H-3-D-ZA11-7/8"35-1/2"10"1

* Special Order Only