Having enough room for proper drain-up piping installation is a concern. Traditional slope piping installation is time consuming, and can cause issues such as leaks and cracks.

DSH-UP drain-up hose kit makes it easy to install drain-up piping on indoor commercial AC systems. It eliminates piecing together PVC with multiple adhesive connections, and the risk of water leakage from cement failure. DSH-UP features a flexible insulated drain hose with pre-connected hose fittings that quickly connect to PVC pipes with just a hose band, reducing installation time and the risk of condensation.



The insulated drain hose with fittings greatly reduces installation time. No need to cut or cement plastic pipes for the drain assembly.


The hose is pre-connected with fittings and replaces multiple adhesive connections and reduces the risk of water leakage.


The heat resistant pre-insulated hose eliminates on-site thermal insulation work and reduces the risk of condensation after installation.


A secure fit can be ensured and water flow can be checked with transparent fittings and visible connections to PVC pipes.


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Elbow & Straight S Elbow & Elbow E / ER
Thermal insulated drain hose with coupling joint 1 pc 1 pc
Hose band 2 pcs 2 pcs
Thermal insulation cover - Straight Type 1 pc -
Thermal insulation cover - Elbow Type 1 pc 2 pcs
Thermal insulation adhesive tape 1 pc 1 pc
Water leakage check sheet 2 pcs 2 pcs

Thermal insulated drain hose (Outer Layer) PVC
Thermal insulated drain hose (Inner Layer) PVC
Thermal insulated drain hose (Middle Layer) Foamed PE
Coupling joint PVC
Hose band SUS
Thermal insulation cover Foamed PE
Thermal adhesive tape (W2" x L6") Foamed PE

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