DRAIN HOSE ACCESSORIES, Couplers, Extensions and Adaptors

Inaba Denko offers innovative drain piping system for indoor AC units. DSH-UP is a drain hose kit which includes drain hoses and accessories engineered for drain-up piping.

DSH-UP – Drain-up Hose Kit

Insulated Drain Hose

Drain Hose


Insulated drain hose for DSH-UP is a drain hose kit specific for drain-up piping. The PVC insulated drain hoses are easy to cut, and ideal for concealed installation, preventing dew condensation.

Insulated drain hoses for mini-split air conditioners from Inaba Denko prevent sweating, protecting your system against dew condensation. Insulated drain hoses are constructed in PVC material, allowing for higher surface temperatures. The Insulation used for DSH insulated drain hoses is PE (polyethylene) thermoplastic material.

Drain Hose Couplers, Adaptors and Extensions

Our drain hose accessories cover a variety of different uses; from drain hose-to-drain hose couplers for drain hose extensions constructed of PVC with PE insulation, to hose-to-pipe PVC pipe adaptors, and hose-to-pipe elbow adaptors. Other accessories: such as drain channels and drain channel adaptors, or the DC bug stopper can also be found with Inaba Denko America.