SLIMDUCT Line set Cover Cutter

SLIMDUCT Line set Cover Cutter SLIMDUCT Line set Cover Cutter


Best  SLIMDUCT SD line set cover cutter in HVAC industry and spare blade. 


  • Light and slim
  • Stainless Blade with advanced corrosion resistance
  • Upgrades workability by one-touch open/close
  • Supports SLIMDUCT tightly by the fortified high rigidity body
  • Ascetic finish and NO swarf

Corresponding duct models

  • Applicable for SD-77, SD-100
  • Instructions: Insert the duct at a 90-degree angle to the blade. Hold the duct straight. Reduce the cutting speed when the blade reaches the third opening.


  • Weight 570 gram (1.26 lbs)
  • Total length: 310mm (12-1/4")
  • Width: 90mm (3-5/8")
  • Thickness: 18mm (3/4")


  • Wear safety googles or glasses for your own safety.
  • Be careful not to get your fingers caught in the moving parts.
  • Keep your fingers and hands away from the blade.
  • Do not use the tool for any purpose other than cutting ducts.
  • Do not cut any duct apart from the designated size.
  • Cut the ducts very slowly or after heating with hot air to avoid cracking at low temperatures.
  • The duct edge may be slanted depending on the angle of the cut.
  • Do not throw or drop the tool as this will damage the body itself or the blade receiver.


  • Do not touch the blade with your fingers directly since the blade is very sharp. Moreover, wear safety gloves while you use the line set cover cutter or replace the blade.
Item No.Product Name
VD021Spare Blade

* The number shown here is an estimate based on the condition that the blade is not dull or chipped.