Unitary Air Conditioning Systems – Can Inaba Denko America’s Products Work with Them?

09.26.2023 | News, Product

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Did you know that Inaba Denko America products are flexible and compatible with unitary air conditioning systems? They work just as well as with mini split heat pump systems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Unitary Air Conditioning Systems

Both mini split and unitary heat pump systems have their advantages depending on the application.

Mini Splits are more efficient than unitary because they allow you to control each room individually using a wireless or wired controller allowing the flexibility of heating or cooling the desired spaces.

Mini Split systems are more efficient than unitary ones because they allow you to control each room individually.

They are also more energy-efficient, using inverter technology to keep the home comfortable while modulating to meet and maintain the desired space temperatures.  They offer low temperature operation providing efficient heating below zero degrees without the need for expensive resistant heat strips. Humid locations may take advantage of their dehumidification options as well to alleviate humidity as a significant issue.

The opportunities to control are endless starting with a standard wireless infrared remote control to wired options similar to a traditional thermostat and even wi-fi options.

Unitary heat pump systems, however, are generally less expensive and less efficient as they contain a single-speed compressor with no low temperature operation and one thermostat to control the entire home. In addition, they almost always require resistant electric heat strips to heat when the temperature gets below 35°F.

Inaba Denko America & Unitary Air Conditioning systems

Both types require piping, condensate management and outdoor unit support and Inaba Denko America manufactures the high-quality accessories needed for your installation to not only be aesthetically pleasing but functional as well.

slimduct mini split air conditioning system

Traditionally, exposed line sets are covered in sheet metal or even wood in the past. Neither look good after sunlight exposure and tend to degrade over time. Inaba Denko America manufactures Slimduct SD with UV stabilized materials unlike inferior products. Slimduct SD can cover and protect exposed line sets from UV rays, weather and even pests for many years.

Slimduct SD is more popular because it comes in many colors and sizes, such as White, Ivory, Brown, and Black.

dsh-up air conditioning system

Another one of our great products is the insulated, flexible DSH-Up drain hose kit. The kit makes it easy to install drain-up piping on ducted or cassette mini split indoor ac units.

This outstanding product, the DSH-Up, is functional with a unitary indoor unit drain connection option as well. The DSH-UP eliminates the need for extra cleaning, glue, and fittings and makes it easy to connect the indoor unit to the main drain using stainless steel hose clamps which are included in the kit. This option is also great for future condensation drain maintenance by eliminating the need to cut existing PVC drain piping in an air conditioning system. 

Inaba Denko America premium HVAC accessories are versatile as they pair well with many different types of HVAC systems. To learn more about our products, check out our library or contact us today!

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