Mini Split Line set cover of SLIMDUCT SD series.

Architectural Line sets cover: The perfect system SLIMDUCT SD with various fittings will conceal, beautify and protect exposed linesets and is suitable for any split air conditioners.

Good Appearance: Blends in with interior as well as exterior due to stylish compact design.

Assembly: Straight duct cover clips onto top of the base tightly and quickly.

Installation: SLIMDUCT SD can be cut by SLIMDUCT line set cover cutter  as well as a hacksaw.

Flame Retardant: SLIMDUCT SD is made from flame retardant materials.

Size: Available in three size, 3", 4". 5-1/2".

Color: Available in five colors: White, Ivory, Brown, Gray, & Black.

Fittings: A full range of various fittings enables to accommodate any complicated configuration. (295 SKUs)

Versatile: For HVAC and plumbing.

Lifetime Protector: SLIMDUCT SD line set cover is constructed from a special high grade PVC for superior UV and weather resistance, protecting line sets from the elements, vandalism and pest damage.

Attentive: Some fittings have a pin on back side of cover of them for preventing the cover of straight duct from sliding. When utilizing this pin, insert the pin into half-opened hole after pushing out this hole. When not using this pin, remove it before installing the cover of fittings.

Caution: Dark colors fade in sunlight sooner than light colors.

Code No.Item No.ABCDEPcs/Bundle
C 0402SD-773"2-1/2"2-3/8"2-3/8"3"15
C 0403SD-1004"2-7/8"3-1/2"3-1/2"4"10
C 0404SD-1405-1/2"3-1/4"4-7/8"4-7/8"5-3/8"5