Eye-Sore to Eye Candy..!

04.29.2022 | Company, Product

Eye Sore on balcony

Technicians, home owners and even the neighbors love the Slimduct SD from Inaba Denko America. Covering the line set is very important during the installation process. It doesn't just prolong the life of the HVAC system. But it can transform your home from an Eye-Sore to Eye-Candy. Giving it that clean, professional look and increased curb appeal while adding value to your home.

Balcony lineset eye sore

“We finally managed to install the Slimduct SD and couldn’t be happier with the results! As you can see from the pictures, the black ducts now match the overall look of the house. We’ve even had neighbors complimenting the looks.”

-Maria Z.

balcony eye candy

AC Cover Guards not only Protect but Beautify.

Unprotected line sets are left vulnerable to deterioration over time. Without proper insulation, the refrigerant will warm up, and the copper will sweat; putting added strain on the system. Slimduct SD not only protects line sets but increases curb appeal, turning your home from an eye-sore to eye-candy. The AC will run efficiently and save the homeowner money on their energy bills. Efficiency can enhance the longevity of the entire HVAC system. Covering line sets is a cost-effective way to help homeowners maximize efficiency and get the most of their home comfort system.

curbside eye sore
curbside eye candy after

Inaba Denko America’s Lineset Covers

Inaba Denko America carries a variety of line set covers to protect your line sets & drain lines. The Slimduct SD is constructed from high-grade PVC and is offered in 3 different diameters to suit your needs. The Slimduct SD is weather resistant, UV stabilized, and flame retardant PVC which can handle temperatures from -4°F to 140°F. Additionally, the Slimduct SD is offered in several colors: white, ivory, brown, and soon black. Available through Rectorseal and your local HVAC distributor.

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